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If you are interested in woven vinyl wallpaper, you may also have interest in woven vinyl flooring, you can check woven vinyl flooring reviews here:

Woven Vinyl Flooring Reviews

What is woven vinyl wallpaper or wall covering?

Woven vinyl wall covering is a new solution for wall decoration or interior design decoration, especially for commercial application, it is also popular on residential application now.

Woven vinyl wall covering is similar to woven vinyl flooring, made of two layers with woven layer or wear layer on top, and backing with thin PVC or non-woven fabric. Both thin PVC and non-woven fabric backing wallpaper are abrasion resistance, durability, fire-resistance, easy to clean and bleach washable, water-proof, also high friction resistance, making it an ideal product for high-traffic environments.

For round woven (such as our Delux, Jacquard, Classic, Silkroad woven collections) is frayless, Flat woven(our Elegant, Fantasy) does’t have fiberglass, so it’s not frayless, our Fantasy and Elegant woven fabrics are completely same as BOLON, so BOLON products are also not frayless.

Non-Woven Fabric Vinyl Wall Covering

Non-Woven Fabric Woven Vinyl Wall Covering

Non Woven Fabric Backing Detail

Non Woven Fabric

Black PVC Backing

Woven Vinyl Wall Covering Cons

According to technical specifications of woven vinyl wallpaper, it’s one of the best options to used on commercial applications, due to its high traffic function, fire-resistance, anti-bacteria and uv resistant, what’s more, you can custom woven layer with printed pictures or weave patterns as you like, which makes woven vinyl wallpaper unique and elegant. The main con of the wall covering, I think it’s not cost-effective compared to other vinyl wall covering, the other one is not able to Peel and Stick, the installation needs to be careful and professional.

Brands of Woven Vinyl Wall Covering

We know that Vertisol(Fitnice), 2tec2, ntgrate, Wisefloor have bussiness on woven vinyl wall covering. Vertisol has been on woven vinyl flooring, rugs, wall covering and sun fabrics more than 10 years, and its product has been around the global, you can easily found Vertisol distributors on you local. 2tec2 and ntgrate are new woven vinyl brand compared with Vertisol, 2tec2 focuses on flooring, woven vinyl wall covering is not their main business before, but these years, it has expanded its market on wall decoration, so you can find it’s woven vinyl wallpaper sold on Europe, such as Netherlands, Switzerland, Gemany etc, you can also found 2tec2 markets well in UAE, India(, Singapore, Hong kong, Taiwan, Japan etc. Wisefloor is not a famous brand, it is located in Greece, belongs to the Fabulous group and it’s wallpaper backing is non-woven fabric, although Wisefloor is not a manufacturer and woven fabric ranges is small but it’s a cost-effective choice, if you are in Greece, you can contact them for price, Vertisol and ntgrate are also popular in Greece and Cyprus due to short lead time, good price and excellent product designs, their jacquard weave patterns makes them stand out from other brands, Belgium ntgrate works on acoustic wall panel.

Vertisol and 2tec2 wall coverings use thin PVC backing, Wisefloor supports non-woven fabric backing, similar to our non-woven fabric wall covering backing. we offer both thin PVC and non-woven fabric backing for woven vinyl wall covering, we are the only manufacturer in Global support thin PVC backing.

2tec2 & SUMBRA(ECO Beauty) woven vinyl wall covering pattern and color match

Woven Vinyl Wall Covering Price:

Estimated Price: $8 – $30 square meter or more, please contact above brands’ local distributors for price.

If you are a wallpaper wholesale or building material suppliers on wall panel, purchasing woven vinyl wall covering from China is a  good choice, price of China manufacturers is cost-effective, quality is same as brands of Vertisol, 2tec2 and other wallpaper brands, besides, woven vinyl wall covering brands of China offer more color ranges than Vertisol, 2tec2 etc, and China factory can color & patterns match all brands style.

How to Pick Up Best Woven Vinyl Wall Covering Manufacturers?

If you decide to buy woven vinyl wall covering from Vertisol, 2tec2, I think quality is ok, their main cons is high price. But if you plan to buy wallpaper from China, there are several points you need to take into consideration.

1. Recommend buying products from real manufacturer, not trader and custom brands.

In China, only factory or manufacturer has mechanism of quality control, and you can get the best price from them, beside, when you have product problems, manufacturers can help you with good service and responsibility.

Manufacturers can also give you advice about product market and sale, including competitors marketing strategy, product cons and pros, price and market positioning, you will benefit from those valuable info.

2. Woven layer or wear layer quality.

Woven layer can decide the lifespan of wall covering, most woven layer are made up of PVC, PES and fiberglass. Fiberglass is one of most important part on woven layer, it can extent the lifespan of wallpaper, and it can also help reduce product fray. From this point, we recommend our Delux and Jacquard, plus Classic woven collections with round woven which are frayless, but Elegant and Fantasy flat woven do fray due to non-fiberglass on woven layer  and gaps between weft and yarns are easy to dirt. Round woven, such as Delux, Jacquard, Classic are are our clients’ first selection and most of these clients are from Europe, US and Japan, our Southeast Asian clients like Classic woven collection, UAE cilents like fantasy collection etc.

3. Thin PVC backing or non woven fabric backing.

Thin PVC backing is manufacturing with Hot melting craft, which is also used on our woven vinyl flooring. Hot melting is chemical change process on the condition of high temperature. Non woven fabric backing also glued on high temperature, but not same as hot-melting. Whatever cost of raw material and manufacturing craft, thin PVC backing is more complicated than non woven fabric backing, so the price of thin PVC backing woven vinyl wall covering is higher than non woven fabric backing wallpaper, so as quality.

Woven vinyl wall covering can also be made into acoustic panels with non-woven fabric backing, acoustic panels are modular and modulated elements designed not only to reduce acoustic pollution, but also to give the room a nicer look.‎ Acoustic panels have high acoustic absorption properties (Class A) without sacrificing their flame-resistant properties.

However, with the economy going backwards and installation cost, more and more people choose non-woven fabric backing, so we think non woven fabric backing woven vinyl wall covering is a trend, of course, you can pick up either of them or both.

4. Where can woven vinyl wall covering use?

Woven vinyl products is a pretty young style of products, if you put the product into woven fabric and backing, you will find woven vinyl product can be used anywhere, for example:

Indoor and outdoor: Floor, wall, bathroom, screen window, cabinet, stairs, beanbag, elevator, tent etc.

Woven Vinyl Stairs

Woven Vinyl Stairs

Leisure Furniture Of Woven Vinyl Beanbag

Leisure Furniture Of Woven Vinyl Beanbag

Elevator Woven Vinyl Wall Covering

Elevator Woven Vinyl Wall Covering

Warranty: 10 years.

Most users choose woven vinyl wallpaper on the wall, cabinet, stairs, elevator, so you can use it any place required water-proof, anti-bacterial and fire-resistant with elegance, grave and uniqueness.

Alternative Choice

Paper weave wallpaper is an alternative selection if you have low budget but like woven patterns, paper weave wallpaper is pretty good option with fantastic designs and good durability.