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A Little Of Our Story


SUMBRA® is located in Zhejiang province, one beautiful and livable city in China.

Zhejiang has pretty landscape with well-developed river system. The Grand Canal made its way pass through Tai Lake and Zhejiang, bringing commercialism to Zhejiang. Zhejiang unique geographical location and convenient transportation provide a good business environment for Zhejiang.

Our company strives to focus on the design and production of woven vinyl flooring, wall covering, rugs, floor mats. With convenient transportation and our excellent research and development capabilities, our exquisite design and excellent product characteristics make our customers life beautiful.

Our Company Values


The values of SUMBRA® is keeping on improving customers satisfaction, respect for the environment and for customers health, constantly systematic enforcement of socially responsible corporate policies, and teamwork.

The main focus of our operation is the constant improvement of our product quality and our enthusiasm to customers’ need.

At SUMBRA® we are having improved our production processes of design, manufacturing and marketing. This allows us to control and strengthen manufacturing processes to fulfill out highest quality standards.

SUMBRA® Inc. China

Our Company DNA


The most essential components in woven flooring, wall covering, rugs and mats are pvc and polyester. We are clear that pvc and polyester form the warp and the weft. When the warp and the weft intertwine in the loom, everything starts to make sense, eco-friendly technology of hot melting makes our flooring stand out from our competitors. That’s why we say that the pvc and polyester are our core, our DNA.

We put most of our efforts into making optimal quality raw materials of pvc and polyester that are sustainable and durable, with innovating antibacterial, slip resistant, fire resistant, ecological,abrasion resistant, antistatic, chemical resistant, silent, UV Ray Resistant, Impact Resistant, waterproof, and easy-to-clean properties. This is the only way our flooring, wall covering and rugs can achieve the level of excellence required by our clients.

Our Company Craftsmanship


Weaving plays key role in woven flooring. As we know, weaving is one of the oldest industries in the world and has also played a leading role in whole human history.

With the development of new technologies and new creative weaving tools, we are capable of reaching unprecedented goals in in our daily life and take a big leap in productivity in recent decades.

We have over 10 years of experience in the field of trade and now we have 35 weaving machines which allows us to make huge amounts within a short time. And the goal of the carefully planned production of warp and weft, as well as combination of yarns in the loom is to assure that the fabric resulting from this process reflects the creativity of our designers, the brilliance of our technicians and the professionalism of our staff.

Our Company Service


100% Risk Free with unique ecological technology of hot melting, woven vinyl flooring manufacturer in China.

Our company gets many certificates, such as ISO14001, ISO9001. We carefully research and purchase raw materials to manufacture our woven vinyl flooring meeting the highest trade standards.

We always have a strong commitment to the well-being of our customers.

We ensure that the quality of all manufacturing processes fully carried out at our facilities, is strictly compatible with what the market demands of our finished product—maximum durability, waterproof, fire resistant, slip resistant, slient and wear resistance and easy to clean.

We take care to provide all the necessary information to installers and cleaning teams for optimal installation and maintenance.