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No matter you are an architect, interior designer, wholesaler, dealer, retailer or not, if you want to import woven vinyl flooring from China, you may have encountered the below questions at the start:

Don’t’ worry. You have come to the right place.

We will reveal all that you need to know in this ultimate guide.


We have waded through the overwhelming number of China woven vinyl flooring suppliers to sort out the best from the rest.

So you can have complete confidence when it comes to selecting your preferred woven vinyl flooring manufacturer in China.

Let’s get started, enjoy it!

1. About the Data Source

For your reference, here are the data sources this guide is based on:

  • China Customs
  • China Industry and Commerce Bureau
  • Official website of woven vinyl flooring factories or companies
  • Interviews with experts in the field of woven vinyl flooring
  • Interviews with customers from various countries
  • Interviews with salesmen of woven vinyl flooring factories or companies

2. Main Woven Vinyl Flooring Industry Regions in China

Where to buy PVC woven vinyl flooring in China? You may need to know the woven vinyl flooring industry regions first to get a general idea.

Below four provinces are home to most of China’s woven vinyl flooring manufacturers:

  • Jiangsu
  • Shanghai
  • Zhejiang
  • Guangdong

3. Quick Comparison at a Glance

Before we get into the details, here is an overview comparing the scale-growth rate, along with the quality and price for the top 4 companies. 


1. The below comparison is only about woven vinyl flooring quality of each brand;

2. The graphs are based on the official data from brand website, China Industry and Commerce Bureau, and also interviews with experienced industry experts;

3.1 Product Comparison Graph

Take Away Note: Check the brands on bottom right corner marked with cost-effective, which are the best ones on this graph. Especially, Yalees and ECO Beauty, they provide a much better quality products than other 2 woven vinyl flooring manufacturers.

3.2 Market Comparison Graph

Take Away Note: Check the brands in upper right corner marked with leader, which are the best ones on this graph. Especially, Wayflor and ECO Beauty are in a rapid growth for now.

4. Who is the Best Woven Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer in China?

Here are the top 4 woven vinyl flooring manufacturers in China:

  1. Wayflor | Woven Luxury Vinyl Textile
  2. Shanghai Churong(jiuyun) | Woven Vinyl Flooring
  3. ECO Beauty | Premium Woven Vinyl Flooring
  4. Yalees | PVC Woven Wallpaper, Woven Mat & Woven Flooring

Let’s check more details one by one.

4.1 Wayflor | Woven Luxury Vinyl Textile

Brief Introduction

Wayflor, belongs to Waytex Group, which is based in mainland China, has been in business since 2004. Over its 15 years, it has grown tremendously, with factories and research and development facilities in Taiwan, Jiangsu and Guangdong. Wayflor has the distinction of being the first woven vinyl flooring manufacturer listed in China.

Wayflor incorporates such well-known brands as WayflorUSA, WayflorKorea. These brands are sold in USA and South Korea, also some third countries, catering to the commercial markets. Wayflor keeps going from strength to strength with a current growth rate of 15-20 percent.

Registration Information:

Factory: Jiangsu & Taiwan

Waytex Group in Taiwan

Wayflor Kunshan Factory for Woven Vinyl Flooring

Wayflor manufactures woven vinyl products in Jiangsu, includes woven vinyl flooring. Wayflor has established an Asian and North American warehousing network for customers in these main commercial market.

Key Products

Wayflor offers 25 series(Linen, Twill, Rattan, Bamboo, Herring Bone, Sisal, Peyton, Strip, Ellipse, Streaky, Quilt, Infinity, Granite, Frost, Glimmer, Chevron Remix, Shadowcrete, Adobecraft, Sandscript, Artisanstone, Watercourse, Marbleridge, Moonscape, Illussionweave, Mysticshade) with different styles and designs, but all the warp and weft are made of round silk. You can check

  • Twill,
  • Marbleridge,
  • Mystic,
  • Sandscript Major,
  • Shadowcrete

in WayflorUSA. It means that these 5 series are popular in North American market or in US market and the craft round silk is

Wayflor Round Silk Closeup

Wayflor Round Silk Closeup

mature for Wayflor. These five series includes pure color series and jacquard series. And due to hard backing of Wayflor woven vinyl flooring, Wayflor almost only focuses on commercial project, we call engineering project, residential project are not included, although Wayflor now start Anti-fatigue Mats residential area.

Twill Series Round Silk

Main Markets:

Top 5 Clients:

  1. USA: Watson
  2. USA: Kao’s Pacific Inc
  3. USA: FloorFolio Industries
  4. Spain: Floover
  5. USA: Lloyd Flanders


Wayflor is a well-established company with a relatively large market share, especially in the United States market and good reputation for delivering good quality for commercial project. However, it is pretty expensive supplier on the market for most customers.

4.2 Shanghai ChuRong | Woven Vinyl Flooring

Brief Introduction

ChuRong is one of the leading ceramic tile suppliers and woven vinyl flooring manufacturers in China. It has been operating since 2009, having evolved from a ceramic distributor to becoming a woven vinyl flooring brand in its own right. It still provides OEM services to other manufacturers. However, the majority of its flooring styles clone from Wayflor, and their backing is much harder than wayflor, resulting in .

ChuRong sells its tile brands all over mainland China, supplying engineered project, construction building and gyms, hotels and many other organizations.

Registration Information:


Note: the establishment date for one brand may vary because the data varies from the brand’s website and China Industry and Commerce Bureau.

Factory: Shanghai City

Key Products:

ChuRong is a supplier of the following premium categories of quality woven vinyl flooring:

  • Sunlight Series
  • Stellar Series
  • Ellipse Series

The market for ChuRong is upper mid-level and its main market is in China. As a result, it is not as expensive as Wayflor.

ChuRong Round Silk


Main Markets:

Top 5 Clients:

  1. China: Shanghai International Talent
  2. China: Huaxia Life Insurance
  3. China: Belle International
  4. China: Creater Space Shanghai Duoyunxuan Art Center Offices
  5. China: Jiuli Work Coworking Shanghai


ChuRong is a reputable, secure company who has created a reputation for supplying ceramic and woven vinyl flooring to the upper-mid level commercial projects. Because ChuRong focuses on market of China, so the main problem is that it has no experience on international market, and you may not get enough info about this company, whatever, it is one of premium woven vinyl flooring brands in China with a little higher price for customers in China or Global market, if you like ChuRong Design, you can choose Wayflor as an alternative, because ChuRong woven fabrics are almost same as Wayflor,  although Wayflor is the most expensive woven vinyl flooring brand in China.

4.3 ECO Beauty | Premium Woven Vinyl Flooring

Brief Introduction

ECO Beauty, which manufactures out of Huzhou city, Zhejiang Province, has been producing top quality commercial woven vinyl flooring, woven vinyl rugs & anti-fatigue mats for more than two decades. Established in 1997, ECO Beauty has risen to become one of the leading designers, manufacturers of commercial woven vinyl flooring in China.

In addition to its factory in Huzhou, ECO Beauty has a research and development facility in Hangzhou and a sales force based in Hangzhou. Every product is designed in-house. And ECO Beauty’s strategy of combining superior materials, premium engineered design and advanced interior design concept has pushed ECO Beauty into the top three woven vinyl flooring manufacturers as well as a one-stop woven vinyl products wholesaler in China.

ECO Beauty proudly supply Sports Venues (including 2022 Asian Game in Hangzhou), office, education, marine, RV, hotel and contracting industries with our luxury woven vinyl flooring.

Registration Information:

Factory: Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province (80,000 square meters)

ECO Beauty Factory Airview

ECO Beauty Office ShowRoom

ECO Beauty Delux Series(Round Silk) + Woven Vinyl Print Rugs

Key Products:

ECO Beauty has built a reputation around providing high quality woven vinyl products for commercial projects and residential use. The most important point is that we get our styles from Bolon, the world leading woven vinyl flooring brand from Sweden, you can get all Bolon styles from our designers and with really good price without quality loss.  Now Bolon also offers woven vinyl rugs to its customers with creative designs.

  • Delux Series
  • Jacquard Series
  • Classic Series
  • Fantasy Series
  • Elegant Series
  • SilkRoad(not popular) Series

Delux / Jacquard / Classic / Fantasy / Elegant Series Woven Vinyl Flooring, Delux and Jacquard are the most popular woven collections are used in Commercial projects.

Delux / Jacquard / Classic / Fantasy / Elegant Series Woven Vinyl Rugs and Anti-Fatigue Mats, Delux and Elegant are the most popular collections are used in Residential sector.

ECO Beauty Elegant Series(Flat Skin)

ECO Beauty Jacquard Series

ECO Beauty Elegant Series, and Not Manufactured Any More.

ECO Beauty Delux Series(Round Silk)

ECO Beauty Classic Series(Big Round Silk)

Both woven vinyl flooring and woven rugs & mats are using the same woven fabrics on top of surface, we call it “wear layer”, our wear layer are durable with more than 10 years lifespan, which is much longer than Wayflor, ChuRong and Yalees. The main difference between our floors and rugs & mats are the backing. Our floor backing is harder than rugs and mats, woven vinyl tiles add non-woven fabric to prevent shrinkage, woven vinyl roll just uses black PVC backing. Rugs and Mats are most used in indoors, so the soft high-foam PVC backing is comfortable for residential use, you can use woven vinyl rugs and anti-fatigue mats on living room, kitchen room and guest room etc.

ECO Beauty Woven Vinyl Rugs

Main Markets:

Top 5 Clients:

  1. USA: Nautica
  3. Spain: NUMA TEXTIL(Clara Vidal)
  4. France: Saint Maclou
  5. Spain: TEMYPLAST S.I


ECO Beauty, among all the best woven vinyl flooring brands, is the ideal choice for top of the line commercial projects and residential sector.

4.4 Yalees | PVC Woven Wallpaper, Woven Mat & Woven Flooring

Brief Introduction

Yalees , which has been manufacturing out of their Guangdong factory for the last 6 years, is the leading Tesilin mesh fabric, ropes, webing supplier in China. However, it is also a strong player in the commercial woven vinyl flooring market. Yalees Tesilin mesh fabric and rope are sold all over China as well as around the world and woven vinyl flooring and PVC table mat have become two of most important businesses in its company development.

Registration Information:

Key Products:

Yalees supplies a full range of mesh fabric products. Its most popular businesses or main superior items are the Tesilin mesh fabric and Rope business according to official website description.

For woven vinyl flooring, it offers 4 series:

  • Filament Wire Series
  • Flat Wire Series
  • Round Wire Series
  • Special Wire Series

Yalees Flat Wire Series

Factory: Guangdong (30, 000 square meters)

Yalees Company View

Main Markets:

Top 5 Clients:

  1. USA: Issa Homes
  5. Mexico: TRAMITER S DE R L DE C V


Yalees is a home furniture expert. Its Tesilin mesh fabric almost used anywhere in Furniture, decoration and ropes, webing for outdoor furniture use. Their woven vinyl flooring is cheap than any of above, but due to immature craft, its floor backing is easy to shrink and lifespan not reach up to 5 years or longer.  So compared with Wayflor, ChuRong and ECO Beauty, Yalees has more advantages on Mesh fabric for residential furniture use, not suit for high traffic commercial projects on engineered projects.

5.  Conclusion

We have highlighted the best woven vinyl flooring brands in China. in fact, there are not many woven vinyl flooring brands in China, most of them specialize in residential sector of woven vinyl rugs and mats

I hope you’ve found this guide useful. If you have any questions or tips on locating commercial woven vinyl flooring suppliers in China, be sure to contact us: [email protected] or whats app:+86-198-8317-9548.