The office concept for Kids2 in Shanghai reflects the playful, interactive and energetic spirit of the brand, a space to house the many entities of the infant and toddler toy company.

M Moser Associates was engaged by infant toy manufacturer, Kids2, to design an innovative and creative space for their offices located in Shanghai, China.

With an objective to make parenthood easier, “one tiny win at a time”, Kids2 has been inventing baby products for more than 50 years. Growing its China operations to attract world-class professionals in every department and engage with various partners within its ecosystem, Kids2 required a high-performance space to not only bring staff together but create an environment that fuels innovation, creativity and transfiguring ideas within its teams and with its partners.

It was also important for Kids2 to create a space that cultivates its entire growing enterprise of entities that include a media company, multiple joint ventures and a venture capital arm.

Translating key values into design details

The design concept was inspired by Kids2’s emphasis on ingenuity and its community-centric approach to create a playful and interactive environment. Bold colours sit in juxtaposition to calming and cosy neutral backgrounds, tailored furniture, careful design details and curated brand accessories.

Printing, storage and mailroom spaces have been planned along a red “ribbon” core. The design discreetly conceals these areas with key brand elements. This intuitive wayfinding creates distinct signals to users, without sacrificing the design intent.

This approach combined with the bold use of signature colour, premium materials and tailored detailing serve as an authentic nod to Kids2’s aspiration to be a design-driven company, transforming parenthood through carefully developed, holistic solutions.

Elements from traditional Chinese games including Jianzi, Tuoluo and Kongzhu, have been translated into creative signage and installations. These graphics connect the brand’s international legacy with its commitment to local consumers.

Playfulness in every encounter

Guided by a “Playground” concept, the workplace features a series of artworks inspired by local scenery, known as “Joy in the Lane”. Showcasing the brand’s products in Shanghainese Shikumen lanes, these visual elements trigger fond memories for local visitors and create an emotional connection to the brand.

Customised carpet at the front of house features a map of Shanghai, emphasising its central, premium location in the financial district. Unique, lantern-shaped lighting pays homage to Chinese culture.

Other culturally influenced items to engage and delight include knot pillows, sponge holders and small food baskets. To reinforce branding and humanise the workplace experience, the team curated a series of accessories such as water bottles, cups and felt coasters.

Manifesting Kids2’s innovative spirit, the reconfigurable work areas feature multiple flexible, modular set-ups to support different creative activities.

A carousel showcase stage in the product showroom takes visitors on an interactive journey to experience a series of products ranging from entertainers, swings to toys and play mats. Flexible lighting, hangers and graphics support the display of a variety of products in a versatile environment.

An immersive digital journey

Digital storytelling was a critical component. Kids2 wanted to create a seamless experience for developing engaging digital content.

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted in a lounge area featuring biophilic elements. This sets a bold sustainability statement against a backdrop of the spectacular Shanghai skyline. As the journey unfolds, visitors can capture a selfie that is organically embedded on the “face mosaic” LED screen. This celebrates each unique visit and the organisation’s philosophy of “tiny wins.”

The digital experience area features four projection set-ups and acoustic facilities for a seamless, immersive experience. Supporting AR integration, it takes visitors on an interactive journey to explore brand stories, the latest product prototypes and other digital content.

Activating engaging learning sessions and addressing space limitations, the showroom is equipped with iPad displays for easy digital access to Kids2’s brand portfolios: Baby Einstein, Ingenuity, and Bright Starts.

Hand in hand with Kids2 stakeholders, M Moser’s multi-disciplinary team delivered a WELL-targeted, high-performance workplace. This culturally resonant space champions brand story and business ambition while strengthening connection with customers and partners in China.