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What is PVC Woven Vinyl made of?

PVC Woven Vinyl is made from a PVC coated polyester yarn

What is the backing made of?

The backing is made of a black PVC.

Can I request a sample from you?

Yes, please send us your exact requirement. Eg, our sample number, construction, weight and picture of your required design, and we’ll send you a sample according to your demand.

What is the dimensions of the rolls and the different tiles?

The width of the roll is 2.0 meters and the standard length is 20.0-25.0 meters. The standard tile is 50 x 50 cm.

Is it easy to clean and install the flooring?

Yes, of course. It’s very easy to clean with mop or vacuum cleaner.

How many backings do you offer?

We offer 2 different backings: black pvc backing (.115-.146” thickness) and non woven backing (.150-.223” thickness).