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The Bolon Studio ™ tailored concept evolves in eight ways: Deco, Hexagon, Rectangle, Scale, Triangle, Wing, Wave and Link. We love the endless possibilities to mix and match with Bolon Studio ™ pieces, and here’s how you can get creative with Wave – one of the Bolon Studio ™ pieces inspired by the curvature of terra-cotta roof tiles.

woven vinyl flooring

Waves in NOW brass and Artisan Quartz forms

woven vinyl flooring

Dreamy shades from the Bolon Artisan Evry, Elements Flint and NOW Silver collections.


Nine years ago, the Bolon Studio ™ concept was launched to give designers and architects the option to customize their own flooring solution. By making their own selection, Bolon Studio ™ allowed customers to install most of Bolon’s collections in our first shape: Triangle.

Since then, the Studio concept has evolved into a current number of seven shapes, including Triangle, Deco, Rectangle, Hexagon, Wing, Scale, and in 2017, Wave. Depending on the choice of color, the direction of the thread and the fall of light in the room, the chosen pattern will have completely different characteristics.

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By mixing and matching Waves in different colors, you can create the most incredible combinations.


Inspired by the curvature of terracotta tiles, as is often seen on rooftops in Sweden, ‘Wave’ was developed in 2017. Its graphic profile and organic curvature make it a fluid and versatile flooring piece that can be combined into a wide variety of colors and designs. For a fun but stylish expression.

With its innovative shape, Wave can be installed in different directions and repeated at medium distances. Its graphic, yet organic form means that the design versatility of this piece is almost limitless.

woven vinyl flooring manufacturers

Bolon Wave in the Artisan, Botanic and Diversity collections.