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ECO Beauty woven vinyl rugs(carpets) are very easy to clean and difficult to stain. Still it is much better if you clean the stains on the spot and don’t let them dry for days.

Ten types of stains that you can clean without problems on your vinyl rugs.

ECO Beauty vinyl rugs are washable and resistant and above all very easy to clean if you follow these tips:

1. Chocolate stains:

To clean a chocolate stain on a ECO Beauty vinyl rug: use a neutral detergent or a mild degreaser and rub with a white scouring pad used to clean bathtubs.


2. Lipstick stains:

To clean lipstick, ink or charcoal stains on vinyl rugs: use rubbing alcohol or rubbing alcohol instead of detergent.

3. Rust stains:

need to clean rust stains? rub the stain with a neutral detergent mixed with 10% oxalic acid or «lemon salt».

You can buy oxalic acid in the drugstore, it is a white powder that is mixed with water and cleans great.

4. Food stains:

The most common stains are usually food stains, especially if you have placed your vinyl carpet in the kitchen.

To clean a fruit, wine, milk or soft drink stain from your carpet: rub with a neutral detergent mixed with a little ammonia.

5. Blood stains

If you get a cut and stain your vinyl carpet: mix cold water and ammonia and rub on the stain.

6. Stains from our pets:

Do you have dogs or cats? Then you’ve probably had to clean up some pee or poop.

If your pet pees on a vinyl rug: rub with a neutral detergent and a little ammonia.

7. Glue stains when installed woven vinyl rug

If you have installed your ECO Beauty® vinyl rug as a carpet and it has been stained with flooring adhesive: clean it with adhesive cleaner or cleaning alcohol and scrub with a bathroom scouring pad.

8. Chewing gum stuck on the rug

Chewing gum can be removed by rubbing with ice or very cold water and then scraping it off very carefully with a spatula or blunt knife.

9. A burn

The hardest thing to do is to clean or disguise burns on vinyl carpet. If you are unlucky enough to burn your carpet or rug: you can fade the stain by scraping with a knife and polish. Use a scouring pad afterwards to polish the area.

10. Oil stains

Finally, to clean oil stains, tea, asphalt, any grease and stains left by shoes or heels because of shoe polish: rub your vinyl rug(carpet) with a white scouring pad and a little degreaser.

How can I keep my ECO Beauty vinyl carpet clean?

You know that prevention is always better than cure. Do you want to keep your vinyl carpet clean?

keeping a vinyl rug new in the dining room

  • the best thing you can do is to vacuum regularly. If it is one of those vacuum cleaners with a rotating brush it is even better, if your vacuum cleaner does not have a brush you can brush it a little with the broom before vacuuming.
  • You can mop it clean and wrung out. It’s the same as you would do with a marble floor or terrace, you don’t want to clean your carpet with dirty water.
  • If you place your carpet in a high traffic area or if you buy a light colored vinyl carpet: buy a dry carpet cleaner and use it if it looks really dirty. Dry cleaners are super easy to use, just rub the powder on the carpet with a brush and let it sit for a while, fifteen minutes is usually enough. After 15 minutes vacuum it well and the dirt will be gone with the cleaning powder. Your carpet will be clean and shiny again.

What you should never do to clean your ECO Beauty® vinyl carpet or rugs

  1. ECO Beauty vinyl carpets and rugs are woven with braided vinyl yarns, never, ever, ever use waxes to clean a ECO Beauty® woven vinyl flooring. Wax will get into the braid and will be very difficult to remove.
  2. Do not use metal tools or cleaners. You could tear or cut the vinyl of your carpet, only in the case of burns will we use a scraper knife.
  3. Avoid using acetone near your carpet and do not even think of cleaning it with acetone. The acetone ruins the vinyl without remedy.
  4. Another thing that stains them a lot is ketchup. Don’t even think about eating ketchup on your carpet ? ketchup stains can’t be cleaned because the tomato stains the vinyl.

eco beauty vinyl carpet can be wet to clean.

If you are looking for an easy to clean vinyl rugs you are sure to be interested in the ECO Beauty woven vinyl collection. ECO Beauty vinyl rugs are super easy to clean.