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What is Woven Vinyl Flooring?

Originating from Bolon, Sweden, developped in the mid-90s, the innovative and unique woven vinyl flooring has been constantly improved to offer you the quality that it is able to offer you today. Our brand ECO Beauty® woven vinyl flooring doesn’t have a wear layer. It is not needed as it is highly durable. Its strength and resistance will be adapted to all your needs.

ECO Beauty® Woven Vinyl Flooring: Features

Easy to install, our woven vinyl flooring can both be used in public spaces: hotels, workspaces, showroom & exhibition, shops, offices … as well as in private spaces or even outdoors. Why not install this woven vinyl flooring in your bathroom, living room or patio for example? Extremely convenient and simple to use this WVF provides well-being and serenity. With its singular color varying according to the luminosity, this woven vinyl flooring is resistant, comfortable, beautiful and classy. Always at the top level of innovation, our woven vinyl flooring assures its technology to make your life easier.

Combining modernity and perpetual innovation, woven vinyl flooring are unique. Their production is identical but depending on where you put it, our green woven flooring will reveal something unique to you.

Exclusive, unique and welcoming, ECO Beauty® woven vinyl coating(fabric layer) has all the advantages of LVT while bringing a touch of design, modernity and unusual technical features.

Woven Vinyl Flooring Durability

Our woven flooring has an extraordinary durability. Very resistant because of its tight weave, the woven vinyl floor is robust and its quality allows it to last in time.

Our Vinyl Flooring Resistant?

Our woven vinyl flooring actually prevents dirt from getting in your floor. Resistant to stains and dirt, woven vinyl flooring has high technical characteristics. Its weaving makes it possible, for example, to reduce the impact forces due to an impact. Thus, woven flooring is more resistant than most other floors. Unique and beautiful, this flooring will last for years without any shock or dirt ruining it. Brightness caused by the UV rays does not deteriorate the quality of this vinyl flooring over years. The resistance to the sun long term exposition is extrely high. Thus, the colors remain raw and authentic.

Our flooring has almost the best wear and durability: class 32 or 33, which allows installation in professional premises with normal and intensive passage.

Maintenance of Woven Vinyl Flooring

Simple to install, but also easy to maintain. Our woven vinyl flooring is easily cleaned with a damp mop or neutral cleaner.

How To Maintain Our Woven Vinyl Flooring?

You can hoover the vinyl flooring up and then apply on the floor your damp mop with a brush. You can either remove the excess water with a vacuum cleaner or dry it with a soft cloth or microfiber brush. For external washing of woven vinyl coating , you can use a water jet.

The colour of the flooring plays a role in its maintenance. Flecked colours will make the stains less visible than united colors whether light or dark.

As it is very simple to maintain your woven vinyl floor, it offers you considerable resistance. This wear resistance comes from its vinyl composition and by its fine and tight weaving.

ECO Beauty® Woven Vinyl And The Environment

Equipped with A+ emission class, our woven floorings are respectful of your environment while respecting nature. ECO Beauty® woven vinyl products are mostly made of recyclable material with eco-friendly technology.

ECO-Friendly PVC Flooring

Ecoresponsible ECO Beauty® ’s woven vinyl flooring offers you a responsible alternative. Most woven vinyl floors have FloorScore labels, which certify that no harmful substances are released into the air, and Green Tag Certified. Those labels demonstrate this woven vinyl floor is a guarantee of confidence and of well-being.

Our interior is precious, it can affect our health. Convenient and healthy, woven LVT floorings allow you to enjoy a pure interior. With this green woven vinyl flooring your environment is protected.

Why not follow the trend? Dare our green woven technical products!