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Vinyl rugs are gaining a place in the world of floor decoration. Not so long ago they did n’t even exist , but electric cars didn’t exist a few years ago and you’ll see shortly.

We have spoken to you at length about them, for example in this post that contains the basics you need to know about vinyl rugs or in this other for example . But you often ask us about which places are appropriate to place these rugs , and we see that there are those who think that they are limited range rugs in terms of their use and the places that they can be used.

Well, none of that. That is why today we want to focus on the different places in the house (and outside it, and other places that are not the house) where we can dress floors with vinyl rugs, which, as you will see, there are not few .

So we can take advantage of all the virtues of vinyl or PVC rugs and adapt them to each particular place.

Floor decoration: make it look easy

It is to decorate well looks like when you hear Frank Sinatra sing and say ” how easy it is to sing”. Then you try it and it starts to rain and you realize that it was not that simple.

Well, with the decoration, and more specifically with the decoration of the floors, the same thing happens: the purpose of any decoration is that whoever sees it thinks ”how easy it is to decorate” and for that, having the exact carpet in the right place is essential.

Because you can’t use just any carpet anywhere , because by the same rule of three you could use sandpaper as a make-up remover sponge or Johnson oil for children as a car lubricant. And it is not a plan.

In addition, vinyl or polypropylene rugs offer a variety of textures and braiding, ranging from smooth surface printed rugs , to fine yarn braided rugs , indistinguishable from organic rugs, to the more classic woven vinyl fiber rugs. and heat sealing on a rubber base .

Therefore, and to make it easy to find the right vinyl rug, we are going to review five places where vinyl rugs are as comfortable as a hippo wallowing in the mud or Cristiano Ronaldo at a trophy ceremony.

1. Vinyl rugs for the kitchen

Its a classic. If there’s one place in the house where vinyl rugs reign unchallenged like a lion in the savannah, it’s the kitchen. And it makes perfect sense, because vinyl rugs have two characteristics that make them ideal for the kitchen.

First of all, its easy cleaning. If this feature is ideal for any place, in the kitchen, where we are constantly dropping things when cooking (organic, inorganic and of all kinds imaginable) have a carpet that can not only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or broom, but with the very mop itself. , it is priceless.

It is not necessary to use chemical products for cleaning; what’s more, it is even inadvisable. To clean a vinyl kitchen mat made of printed or heat-sealed vinyl, just use a mop dampened in water or a diluted neutral scrubber. In the case of braided rugs, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth, rubbing the affected surface if necessary.

Any vinyl carpet is suitable for the kitchen, but specially designed for it are printed vinyl carpets , which to their hydraulic, tropical, or any other type of designs add a completely smooth surface and an extraordinary fineness of only 1 mm , which makes you stick to the ground like limpets and prevent tripping and slipping.

2. Vinyl rugs for hallways

The corridors , these areas often neglected in our homes, are one of the natural habitats of vinyl carpets . And they have a good reason for it, since another of its virtues is resistance, duration and being prepared for intensive use and high pace of people .

That is why having non-durable rugs particularly in the hallway is a worse decision than the day you let your child play with the sander.

A hallway needs sturdy, long-lasting rugs, so if you have rugs that last less than a highway mile, the hallway is not the place for them.

Is that having little durable rugs is like having a problem for each solution , while vinyl rugs provide you with a solution for each problem.

That’s why vinyl rugs are extraordinary for the hallway, because you can also configure them to the exact size you need (no two hallways are the same in length and width, which is why it is particularly difficult to find the exact measurement in hall rugs). Choosing it to the exact size and combining a color for the border and another for the body you can have a beautiful corridor rug.

3. Vinyl rugs for the terrace and garden

It must be clarified that in order to place your vinyl mat outdoors (terrace, garden or pool) it is an essential requirement to have a terrace, garden or pool. Once this is clarified, vinyl rugs have an advantage in this area, as there are no rugs as suitable for outdoor and outdoor conditions as vinyl rugs.

As the material they are made of is waterproof , water and liquids slip off it (we were going to say that it sucks ** but we think you have already caught it).

That is, liquids do not penetrate the fabric , and therefore cleaning is reduced to removing dirt from above the carpet, not from inside the carpet. That is why they do not rot, and they are cleaned with a damp cloth, mop with neutral soap, as we said before, and if necessary, the hose is applied.

4. Vinyl carpets for the office, office and commercial premises

This is where vinyl rugs come out again and are best suited for these types of venues. First of all, for its high resistance to tread and intensive use.

But secondly, because its serious but not boring carpet appearance , austere but not racane, timeless but at the same time modern, make it perfect to convey a dynamic and current image in places where we could not think of placing a shag rug. , not even remotely.

That is why vinyl rugs are perfect in offices, offices, commercial premises, beauty centers and different leisure and service businesses . Another advantage is that many vinyl rugs can be cut to size, and in many cases these types of spaces do not find the right size for their specific needs.

5. Vinyl rugs for living rooms and bedrooms

We have saved the obvious for last: that vinyl and polypropylene rugs are, above all and above all, rugs suitable for living rooms and bedrooms in our homes.

Nowadays the variety of synthetic, vinyl and polypropylene rugs is enormous, so that the days are gone when there were a few metallic and cold models, which seemed rather intended to dress the floors of Darth Vader’s house.

Nowadays there are cozy, warm textures, with different braids and colors that go from ”serious” neutrals and grays to strong and vivid colors , passing through warm and cozy colors such as ocher, beige and sand, to dress our floors in a way. homey but without having to give up rugs that are super easy to clean and maintain.

You can try calm tones for living rooms , with white, gray and black colors for minimalist decorations, and try strong colors and daring combinations for children’s and youth rooms. Knowing that they will last, that they will endure for example the trot of wheelchairs and what you throw at them.

In addition, with custom vinyl rugs you can also “carpet”, so that you understand us, a complete room: just order the material with enough extension to cover the desired floor surface and adjust it to the base by cutting to the millimeter the excess with a cutter.

In short: nowadays you have no excuse not to take advantage of the possibilities of woven vinyl rugs anywhere in the house. Now it is a question of choosing correctly and combining the different pieces according to tastes and needs.