Located in an old building with a ceiling height of 2.3 meters, the keywords to describe CR Land’s office’s original design condition were low, tiny, and narrow. Tasked with transforming “chunky and heavy” into open and modern, the team decided to invoke the concept of ‘no design’, meditatively subtracting the number of elements to bring out the essence of the space.

The execution of minimalism allowed the high-standard construction and quality of materials to stand out. Cables, fittings and decorations that earlier crowded the ceiling and rooms were eliminated or rearranged, whereby the building’s block structure thus exposed on the ceiling became one of the strong design points of the space. A predominantly neutral color scheme was enforced, harmoniously blending silver, gray and white tones with minimal accent colors.

The main materials included silver back painted glass, dark gray one-sided mirror, silver Woven vinyl flooring carpeting, custom GRG concrete panels, ultrathin glass partitions, white artificial stone and plaster boards, and sleek champagne-toned aluminium grills.